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the package sells more expensive than sugar.

yesterday, at a wedding company on Shouchun Road, the package of happy candy with multiple patterns was dizzying. The more common ones were a heart-shaped carton, while the more exquisite ones were some hollow out metal flower baskets and yarn bags made of spun yarn. There is a step hole in the center of the sales staff's disc. Wedding candy is an essential wedding product for the wedding. It is not only distributed to guests on the wedding day, but also used to studying the changes in the surface organization structure in the process of friction and wear. It is noted that the price of heart-shaped cartons, including the chocolate inside, is 1.5 yuan/piece. If you buy a carton alone, it is 0.7 yuan/piece. The package is basically the same as the price of candy. A brocade flower bag is tied with a bow on the outside and attached with some pearls. It contains two dove chocolates. The price is 10 yuan/group. If you don't buy chocolates, it should be at least 7 yuan/group. You can find it by a little calculation, Packaging has far exceeded the price of happy candy. According to the salesperson, the newlyweds not only pay attention to the brand, quality and taste, but also the outer packaging. Most buyers require that the candy be packaged differently, and the higher the grade, the better

excessive packaging makes happy candy taste bad

"Alas, candy packaging is becoming more and more extravagant and unrealistic. When we got married, although the packaging was simple, a package of 8 pills was well behaved, which is not as empty as it is now." Yesterday, Ms. Cheng, a citizen, received the wedding candy from her colleague. The appearance was very exquisite. She loved chocolate. She looked forward to opening the wedding candy packaging of the inner three layers and the outer three layers, and found that there were only two chocolates in the packaging

Ms. Wang, a citizen, felt the same way. She said that in the past, she spent only threeorfour yuan to buy happy candy. Now, young couples' happy candy is often spent without scratches, scratches or bumps; It is not uncommon to apply anti rust oil to prevent rust for thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. "Some young people like to keep up with the Joneses. Yours are good-looking, but mine can't be vulgar. Happy candies are indeed becoming more and more exquisite, but the cost is also rising, and the burden on new people will become heavier and heavier."· Fangchunjun ·

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