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Cangnan Longgang: supporting development of printing and packaging industry and gift industry

Longgang Town, Cangnan, Wenzhou, is a famous printing and packaging base in China. At present, its printing and packaging industry is supporting the development of gift production industry with a rapid momentum

according to relevant data, after the "China Printing City" and "China Gift City" in Longgang town were settled in Longgang, they had a strong magnetic attraction effect. Many large group enterprises joined in. In fact, the process was not limited to plane components and updating technical equipment, which effectively promoted the rapid development of local characteristic industrial clusters such as printing, packaging and gifts. At present, the annual output value of the printing and packaging industry in the town can reach 4.5 billion yuan, and the sales of gifts can reach more than 4 billion yuan

Longgang printing, packaging and gift industry is characterized by large industry scale, complete characteristic industry chain, strong independent innovation ability and good development platform. According to statistics, the town now has more than 480 printing enterprises, more than 2000 gift production and sales enterprises, and more than 60000 employees. The impact of its friction on the middle part of the sample will be reduced. 7 enterprises with a middle-aged output value of more than 100 million yuan include Jintian, Xinya, Shuguang, Fukang, etc. In recent years, the original "lead and fire" of the printing and packaging industry in the town has been replaced by "light and electricity", and is gradually moving towards the digital printing era. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, Longgang printing enterprises invested more than 5 billion yuan to introduce 1137 sets of the world's most advanced computer direct plate making systems, printing equipment and post press systems, such as Heidelberg, gaobao, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Komori. The introduction, popularization and use of new technologies and processes such as UV printing, web printing, laser anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection lamination have also greatly improved the scientific and technological content of printed matter

in just a few years, Longgang town government has focused on accelerating the centralized layout of enterprises through the construction of industrial parks in the process of promoting the development of printing, packaging and gift industry. More than 200 enterprises have been concentrated in the three industrial parks, creating a total industrial output value of more than 13 billion yuan. They also held various professional exhibitions to let domestic and foreign counterparts know more about the development of Longgang's printing and gift industries, providing a good platform for local enterprises to go abroad and go global, and laying a foundation for further building the regional brands of "China Printing City" and "China Gift City"

it is also understood that in recent years, Longgang town has made great efforts to develop the printing, packaging and gift industries. In addition to the above items, there are also some high-grade tensile machines in the printing market. In addition, the brush materials and desk calendar markets have also sprung up, forming a printing materials wholesale Street and a cultural goods market of Wenzhou gift measuring torque city. Not long ago, the China Chamber of Commerce awarded Longgang town the title of "China printing materials trading center"

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