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Cangzhou Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a new type of acid gas sampler

aiming at the disadvantages of the original acid gas sampler of the unit (4), Cangzhou Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. has made bold innovations to maximize the braking force. Recently, Cangzhou Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a new type of sampler, which not only eliminates the environmental pollution caused by the leakage of harmful gas commissioned by Holland post and created by packaging material manufacturers, but also simplifies the operating procedures, It also ensures the safety and reliability of the sampling operation, and the sampling is accurate and easy to maintain. It can be said that it can kill many birds with one stone. At present, the invention has applied for a patent to the State Patent Office

the feed acid gas of Cang sulfur refining unit contains high concentration of hydrogen sulfide, so the sampling operation is dangerous. The sampler used in the past has the phenomenon that the rubber pad is easy to age and deform, resulting in gas leakage. It needs to be replaced regularly every month, and multiple bolts need to be disassembled and disassembled during replacement. The maintenance work is cumbersome and laborious. Each sampling also needs to open and close more than a dozen valves to get through the process, and the operation procedure is complex. At the beginning and end of sampling, sulfur-containing sewage will be ejected at the moment when the sampling cylinder is removed, increasing the risk of poisoning for operators. Nitrogen replacement is also required during sample collection. The toxic gas has only proved its reserves, and the harmful gas is forced to be discharged to form certain pollution. At the same time, the matching needle cylinder used for sampling is made of ordinary glass, which is easy to crack. Due to the infinite position device of the needle cylinder, the sampling head is easy to fall off, which will also cause harmful gas leakage and personnel poisoning

in view of this hidden danger, workshop leaders and technicians gathered their wisdom, consulted a large number of materials and conducted scientific demonstration for many times. After more than 6 months of unremitting efforts and painstaking exploration, the new sampler was finally developed successfully. The sample air flow in the tube of the new sampler can be observed through a glass mirror, which meets the requirements of sample collection accuracy. On the stainless steel cover surrounding the sampling rubber pad after feeding, it is divided into 19 sealable sampling holes, only one is opened at ordinary times, and the others are in the sealed state. In this way, the whole sampling hole can be used for more than three years, which not only greatly prolongs the service life, but also has good sealing performance, and completely solves the problem of leakage of sour gas containing hydrogen sulfide in the past. At the same time, the rubber tray of the sampler adopts the connection form of screw thread, which is very convenient for replacement. It can be pressed by itself during installation to ensure uniform force and good sealing. The matched double sealing needle cylinder is not easy to be broken, and the needle head is threaded, and the clamp head will not fall off. The end of the syringe is equipped with a limit device, which will not cause the ejection of the syringe piston due to misoperation

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