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Cangnan printing and Packaging Association took the lead in 2011 early.

Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province, is one of the most concentrated areas of printing enterprises in China, and Longgang Town, which Cangnan belongs to, is even better known as China's printing city. On november26,2010, Cangnan County printing and packaging industry association held a meeting of directors of large-scale enterprise offices to carefully summarize the release of Cangnan printing in 2010, the selection of excellent printing products and the organization of Hong Kong exhibitors, and study and deploy the recent work. Office directors and staff of 46 enterprises including Xinya, Shuguang, Fukang, Liugui, Xixing, Jiahe, Huatai, Xinhua, Zhongyi, Xinda, ruijiao, Lianhua, Hongda, Nanyang, Canon, Freida, leap, India railway, gangfa, Jingu, Shenggao, Qianku printing branch and Jinxiang entrepreneur association attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Secretary General chenhouqiang

Secretary General chenhouqiang first made a serious summary of the publication of the 2010 Cangnan printing conference. In the past year, the Secretariat of the association has been actively doing a good job in the publication of the journal, relying on the staff of the enterprise office, and has achieved good social impact and publicity results. First, based on the current situation of the development of Cangnan County's printing industry, it has specially planned the contents of four topics in Cangnan: brand transcendence, transformation and upgrading, Taiwan calendar printing and flexible packaging printing, and published 20 special articles, such as transformation and upgrading, the inevitable choice of Cangnan printing, Jinxiang Taiwan calendar printing market scanning Many articles such as review and Prospect of Cangnan flexible packaging printing development were published by China printing and printing manager. Second, the number of contributors increased in 2010. In addition to the Secretariat, 21 people from the enterprise have landed safely in Seville, Spain, and published their contributions on Cangnan printing, including 6 people for more than two articles. Third, Cangnan printing has expanded its publicity and increased its circulation. The four issues of the annual journal have successively publicized and reported the production and operation of dozens of enterprises, not only large-scale enterprises, but also some small enterprises. The journal was not only distributed in Cangnan County member enterprises, government departments and coffee cafes, but also communicated with printing associations, media and printing people outside Cangnan, expanding the publicity of Cangnan printing. At the meeting, Secretary General Chen also deployed the special planning contents of the first and second issues of Cangnan printing in 2011. He hoped that enterprises could write more manuscripts and provide more information to make Cangnan printing more exciting

the meeting also reported that Cangnan County selected nine printing products to participate in the quality evaluation of packaging and printing products in Zhejiang Province and the whole country in 2010. At the Zhejiang provincial appraisal meeting, eight printing products were rated as excellent products. At the national appraisal meeting, enterprises in Cangnan county obtained excellent results in one silver, two copper and three copper. Among them, the LMZ black currant mint toothpaste box printed by Fukang Group Co., Ltd. and the Department of filling the gaps between the experimental machine and the ground won the silver prize; Niulanshan wine box of 12 years' collection printed by Wenzhou Fuli Packaging Co., Ltd × The Poseidon razor 801 color box printed by 20 Health Group Co., Ltd. won the Bronze Award; The clothing bead calendering film printed by Wenzhou Hongda laser image Co., Ltd., the five-year Red Star Erguotou Wine box printed by Wenzhou Fuli Packaging Co., Ltd. and the inner core of Carrefour card book printed by Lianhua Hengyue Group Co., Ltd. won the Excellence Award. The meeting required all enterprises to make early preparations next year, and more enterprises will send more products to participate in the quality evaluation of packaging and printing products in Zhejiang Province and the country

at the meeting, Secretary General chenhouqiang also briefed on the organization of the fifth Hong Kong International Printing Exhibition in 2010. He hoped that the 17 participating enterprises would accumulate their products for use in the fields of automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, aerospace and so on according to the relevant regulations and do a good job in the application of booth subsidies. At the same time, the meeting also deployed the participation registration of the sixth Hong Kong International Printing Exhibition in 2011. He hoped that all enterprises would actively participate in the exhibition, Strive to develop the international printing market

the meeting also deployed the work of enterprise statistical statements at the end of 2010 and the application of imported equipment projects in 2011

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