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Analysis of Cangzhou, Hebei Province's advantages in building a plastic industry base in the North

only by constantly improving the technical level of products can we remain invincible in the fierce international market competition. At the beginning of this month, Cangzhou, Hebei Province held the second China (Cangzhou) International Plastic Industry Exhibition and economic and trade fair. As the highest level Symposium in the plastic industry, the 2011 cast film and aluminized film industry market and technology development seminar and the 2011 automotive composite material market and processing technology seminar were also held at the same time. Leading figures and high-end talents in the plastic industry gathered in Cangzhou. With the help of the International Plastics Exhibition, the development strategy of Cangzhou Development Zone to build a plastic industry base in the North has achieved initial results

obvious industrial advantages

Cangzhou Economic Development Zone, established in 1992, is a provincial-level economic development zone with a planned area of 75 square kilometers. With the comprehensive development of the areas around Beijing, Tianjin and the Bohai Sea, Cangzhou's potential advantages have become increasingly prominent, and its economic development has increased significantly. As the economic leader and industrial platform of the central urban area of Cangzhou, the development zone has also ushered in better development opportunities. Under this favorable situation, it rationally positioned the industrial planning, and took the plastic industry with rich raw material advantages and industrial foundation as the priority industry, which has been unanimously recognized by the insiders and experts. In february2010, an industry expert group headed by liaozhengpin, President of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, made a serious investigation and demonstration on Cangzhou petrochemical industry and the plastic industry base under construction. It believed that developing the plastic industry in Cangzhou has unique advantages and good development prospects. At the same time, it awarded the "Cangzhou plastic industry entrepreneurship demonstration park of China Plastics Processing Industry Association", So as to promote the smooth development of plastic industry in Cangzhou Development Zone. Therefore, building a first-class plastic industrial park in northern China has become an inevitable choice for the development zone to accelerate its development. "By taking advantage of international exhibitions, expanding the influence of the development zone and showing its advantages in raw materials, transportation and location, foreign enterprises can enhance their confidence in investment and construction in the development zone through participation." Han Guangpu, deputy director of Cangzhou Development Zone Management Committee, told us that the first exhibition last year had achieved good results

according to zhaoguoquan, vice mayor of Cangzhou City, Cangzhou Development Zone has obvious industrial advantages except convenient transportation, low land cost, abundant power, labor and human resources. These can be well displayed at the exhibition. First, there are abundant raw materials. Petrochemical industry is the largest industry in Cangzhou. Cangzhou is an oil and chemical city in China. It has North China oil field and Dagang oil field. From the east of Cangzhou City to the Bohai Bay, the proven oil reserves are 1.5 billion tons, the crude oil processing capacity is 20million tons, and the annual production of polypropylene is 400000 tons, TDI is 80000 tons, and pvc30 tons. By 2015, the crude oil processing capacity will reach 30million tons, the polypropylene output will reach 2million tons, the ethylene output will reach 2million tons, the PVC output will reach 700000 tons, and the caprolactam output will reach 120000 tons. Cangzhou Dahua Group, Hebei Jinniu chemical group and three oil refining bases of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC constitute the five pillars of Cangzhou petrochemical industry, and have derived 18 industries and nearly 100 products, including chemical raw materials, chemical ingredients, organic chemicals and rubber products. These products can be widely used in paints, coatings, BOPP, A.E films, engineering plastics, special plastics, modified plastics and other fields, laying a solid foundation for the aggregation and development of the plastic industry

secondly, the plastics industry has a good foundation. Cangzhou now has more than 1200 plastic processing enterprises of various types, with an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan. Its products mainly include films, plates, pipes, packaging materials, molds and plastic machinery. Among them, experts from Cangzhou Dongsu, Renqiu Liansu, Cangzhou Sansu, Jiahe plastics, and Jingyou put forward that enterprises such as the plastic industry have strong market competitiveness under the decisive role of the central government in promoting the market. Yuguiting, chairman of Cangzhou Dongsu group, said that unlike Hangzhou and other places, the reason why the exhibition was held in Cangzhou was largely because Dongsu's technology research and development was in place. I could learn something here. The scale of Dongsu group is not the largest in the national plastic industry, but it is in the forefront of the same industry in China in terms of technology research and development. It independently designs and integrates the world's most advanced two-way synchronous stretching film production line. At present, it is the largest nylon film production base in Asia

Qianguijing, executive vice president of China Light Industry Federation and chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that the plastics industry is a sunrise industry. The application of plastics products is becoming more and more widespread. The replacement process of steel, aluminum, wood, cement and other materials is accelerating. It plays an important role in machinery, building materials, transportation, aerospace, marine development and other fields of the national economy, It is also a consumer product that is indispensable for human survival and development. In 2011, the plastic industry achieved a total output value of 1.4 trillion yuan and an output of 60million tons. China has become a major plastic producer and consumer in the world. At present, the development of China's plastic products industry has obvious regional characteristics, and the manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the southeast coastal areas. In the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, the plastic industry has formed a considerable scale, the regional market is becoming saturated, some regions have excess capacity, and the market space is obviously smaller. However, the urbanization process in the developing North China, Northeast China and central and western regions has just begun, gestating a huge demand market for all kinds of plastic processing products. The plastic industrial park of Cangzhou Development Zone aims at this general trend and timely sets up an entrepreneurial platform to optimize the allocation of resources for the development and aggregation of the plastic industry. Many southern enterprises present at the meeting expressed their optimism about the northern market and took this opportunity to visit

more than 200 enterprises participated in this exhibition, and the number of enterprises outside Cangzhou increased significantly. Luxingfeng, chairman of Cangzhou Jiahe Plastics Co., Ltd., located in the plastic industrial park of the Development Zone, said that the exhibition invited top experts in the industry, so that we could communicate with them and famous entrepreneurs in the plastic industry, expanding our vision. In addition, many customers of the enterprise were known through the exhibition, and later developed into big customers

form a complete industrial chain

Han Guangpu told that the purpose of holding the exhibition is to publicize the foundation and current situation of Cangzhou plastic industry, so that the plastic industry can gather in Cangzhou, and take the development zone as a platform to gather popularity, information sharing, product exchange, and create a northern plastic base. At present, there are 12 plastic enterprises in Cangzhou Development Zone, with an annual output value of nearly 2billion yuan. They are gradually organically connected with the two major industries of pipelines and auto parts in the zone, such as the combination of plastics and steel pipes to form steel plastic composite pipelines; Many metal materials in auto parts will be replaced by plastics, which will effectively improve the market competitiveness of the three. The development zone also provides four-dimensional three-dimensional services for enterprises and builds a good development platform. First, the R & D platform, with the technical support provided by the R & D Committee of China Plastics Association, built a R & D base. 6. The experiment of bellows ring stiffness testing machine was completed; Second, market development services, the establishment of product distribution, raw material trading market, the establishment of the government, so that enterprises have a sales platform; Third, establish a product quality inspection center, so that enterprises can realize the national standard inspection without leaving the park. Fourth, provide financial services. The management committee will come forward to formulate policies, directly form the connection between banks and enterprises, and solve the financing channels in the region

Guohua, Secretary of Cangzhou municipal Party committee, said that the city will further enhance the overall level and market competitiveness of the plastic industry in Cangzhou economic development zone through R & D drive, platform construction, star enterprise cultivation, key industrial cluster support and supporting industry improvement. By 2020, the annual output value will reach 50billion yuan, and a complete industrial chain among raw materials, products, additives and machinery will be established

relevant reports 27 national standards and industrial standards were born in Cangzhou

up to now, 9 enterprises in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province have participated in the preparation and revision of 14 national standards, and 11 enterprises have participated in the preparation and revision of 13 industrial standards, which indicates that Cangzhou enterprises have been at the forefront of the same industry in China in many fields and have won the right to speak in the market within a certain period of time

many excellent enterprises in Cangzhou have already begun to participate more in the drafting and revision of national and industrial standards. Among them, Hebei Hongrun Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. has been identified as a member unit of localization research and development of nuclear power pipelines and the main formulation unit of national power station piping standards through the establishment of a technology research and development center; The national standard for hot rolled steel pipes for pressure pipelines prepared by Zhongyuan steel pipe manufacturing Co., Ltd. pioneered the preparation of national standards for steel pipes by private enterprises. The standard for hot rolled steel pipes for fluid transmission prepared by Zhongyuan steel pipe manufacturing Co., Ltd. won the "China standard innovation contribution award"

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