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Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province: the upsurge of a new round of renovation of the printing industry

a few days ago, what needs to be done for the daily and weekly maintenance of Cangnan metal tensile testing machine in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province? Zhang Fangzhang, Secretary of the county Party committee, stressed at the County printing industry renovation supervision report meeting that all departments at all levels must unify their thinking, strengthen cooperation, implement, analyze, study and judge the phenomenon of counterfeiting, combine the experience of combating counterfeiting, innovate ways and methods, trace the source, and address both the symptoms and root causes, A new round of centralized renovation of the printing industry is rapidly emerging. Dingzhenjun, deputy county magistrate, attended the meeting. Since 2009, a total of 9600 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched for the special rectification of the printing industry in Cangnan County, 19520 business households have been inspected, 280 cases of illegal printing of printed materials have been investigated and dealt with, 1.56 million special trademark marks of the beam volume in the ball screw pair drive have been seized, the face value of fake invoices is nearly 2billion yuan, and 3.2 million yuan of fines and confiscations have been temporarily withheld. A total of 78 suspect were arrested, 58 were detained and 19 cases were transferred. It has effectively cracked down on all kinds of illegal printing and provided a good market atmosphere for the healthy and effective development of the printing market

after listening to the reports from relevant functional departments and Longgang and Qianku towns, Zhang Fangzhang pointed out that the printing industry is a pillar industry with Cangnan characteristics and plays an important role in the national economic development of Cangnan County. He asked the functional departments at all levels to take joint action, form a joint force, strengthen law enforcement, focus on carrying out special rectification activities focusing on the printing industry with greater determination and measures, severely crack down on printing and counterfeiting, strive to achieve results in the short term and consolidate the development achievements of the printing industry

Zhang Fangzhang stressed that the special rectification activities of the printing industry are important work to maintain the stability of the printing market in Cangnan County and promote the better and faster development of the regional economy in Cangnan County. In view of the increasingly covert and high-end characteristics of the current means of making counterfeits in form, relevant functional departments and towns must strengthen leadership, study and analyze the characteristics of making counterfeits, dig deep into the source, and jointly manage; Highlight the key points, address both the symptoms and root causes, carry out targeted work in a timely manner, and strive to find and strike at the source as early as possible. We should establish a long-term management organization, make overall planning, inspect and supervise, combine fighting with supporting, optimize the structure, provide supporting services, improve the competitiveness of the industry, and help the printing industry become stronger and bigger. We should innovate management methods, clarify the reward and punishment system, establish a long-term management mechanism, improve the industrial development system, give full play to the basic role of the grass-roots level, and strengthen daily supervision. All departments at all levels should clarify their responsibilities, implement them, reasonably divide their work, and practically assign people to each other; Strengthen communication, coordinate with each other, and do a good job in various renovation and guarantee work. It is necessary to vigorously strengthen publicity and education, create a strong atmosphere of crackdown and renovation, and make the renovation of the printing industry in our county to a new level

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