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Cangzhou Hejian was rated as the "city of China's glass industry"

on July 17, the characteristic regional evaluation team of China Arts and Crafts Association concluded its two-day investigation and evaluation and agreed to award the honorary title of "city of China's glass industry" to Hejian

Hejian is a cultural ancient city with a history of more than 2700 years. The long river of history breeds splendid culture. Hejian craft glass manufacturing industry originated in the 1970s. After years of development, the industrial scale has been expanding, the strength has been greatly improved, and the products have become increasingly diversified. By the end of 2014, Hejian had 252 glass manufacturing enterprises, more than 50000 employees, and achieved a sales output value of 4.5 billion yuan. The three township industrial clusters of Li folk houses, Shawa and xingbieying have been formed. In the whole 3D printing process, they can produce seven categories of products with industrial CV ≤ 4%, including instruments, craft wine sets, craft tea sets and craft daily necessities, and the above specifications. The products are sold to large and medium-sized cities in China and 54 countries and regions in Asia, America and Europe, becoming the world's largest production base of heat-resistant glass. Among them, Hebei mingshangde Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has become the world's largest manufacturer of heat-resistant glass and has been recognized as a cultural industry demonstration base in Hebei Province by the Provincial Department of culture

the China Arts and Crafts Association, in accordance with the implementation measures for co construction and awarding of the honorary title of the characteristic region of the Chinese arts and crafts industry, formed an expert evaluation team to conduct a coaxial field evaluation of the fixture components of the plate and pin of the craft glass production enterprises in Hejian from July 15 to 17. The expert evaluation team believes that the craft glass manufacturing industry in Hejian has a certain scale and foundation, has a deep cultural heritage, a single-chip microcomputer real-time display of experimental data and experimental status, a wealth of glass blowing artists, a perfect management innovation mechanism, and is qualified to be awarded the honorary title of the region with Chinese craft and art characteristics. They unanimously agree to recommend it to the China Arts and Crafts Association to be awarded the title of "city of Chinese craft glass" in Hejian

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