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2019 national wallpaper and wallpaper industry development annual meeting and dealer survey excellent brand ceremony have attracted countless attention in the industry. After a fierce competition, xinlige seamless wallcovering won the honor of "high growth brand"

on March 2, 2019, hosted by Huiya home hotline, jointly organized by Huiya media and zhongzhan Zhonghe (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhongzhuang Huagang), and named by Shaoxing Fusi Textile Co., Ltd. (yasiman seamless wallcovering), the 2019 national wallpaper and wallcovering Industry Development Annual Conference and dealer survey excellent brand grand ceremony came to a successful conclusion in the conference hall W-201 on the second floor of the South landing Hall of Beijing new national exhibition

this activity has attracted countless attention from the industry and received warm support from the majority of home brands and dealers. After a fierce competition, xinlige seamless wallcovering won the honor of "high growth brand". This is the most trusted and supported brand selected by our friends after careful consideration. I believe that in the future, xinlige will continue to contribute more to the healthy development of the industry! Here, we congratulate xinlige on winning the "high growth brand"

brand style

xinlige seamless wallcovering (Hangzhou xinlige wallcovering Co., Ltd.) is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It is an enterprise specializing in seamless wallcovering. The company implements an integrated strategy in product development, design, production and manufacturing, brand establishment and marketing, and forms a wallcovering enterprise with both scale and characteristics. The materials are exquisite, the style is novel, the workmanship is excellent, and the price is moderate and reasonable. The product design combines Chinese culture with modern French fashion, and its fashionable life concept has won the favor of customers and is difficult for peers to follow. Advocate new life concepts with excellent brand culture and high-quality products; The core positioning concept of brand communication is to live a warm life, be close to the people and noble, and be healthy physically and mentally, so as to form a kind, warm and healthy brand image of Wallcovering in the eyes of consumers

in the consumer market dominated by the 1980s and 1990s, personalized, innovative, environmental friendly and healthy products are favored, and the market puts forward higher requirements for the innovation ability of enterprises. Xinlige wall cloth constantly absorbs top-notch technology, designs wall cloth that meets the taste of young people at present, provides every consumer with perfect choices, and also develops a wall cloth product with negative oxygen ion formaldehyde removal, which can be customized, Customized according to different needs of customers. Let customers experience warmth everywhere

"The sea is wide with fish jumping, and the sky is high with birds flying. A new starting point, a new journey, a new task, and a new goal. Xinlige wallcovering is ready. I believe that in 2019, xinlige wallcovering will focus on creating a real fashion brand image through high-quality products, perfect after-sales service, and customer return visits. It has become a wallcovering brand that consumers love dearly, and has written a new chapter for modern high-quality life





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