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Room design can present different styles. Now, people are no longer satisfied with just one style, but hope to integrate multiple styles, absorb the essence of two or three styles, and let different elements present the most beautiful posture. This is the mix and match, which is fashionable, good-looking and not publicized. Today, Xiaobian will bring you indoor mix and match decoration

I. the living room is an important place in the home. Usually, leisure, family reunion, and friends can't be avoided in the living room. Using mix and match decoration can definitely add color to your home, attract people's attention, and create a topic for communication. The mix and match here can show temperament. Whether it is the combination of rural and Chinese style, European classical and Chinese Qing style, or simple modern style, the most typical and quintessential furniture can be selected in the largest space of the home. Moreover, there will be no problem matching large pieces of furniture in the living room. Just grasp one principle: if the style is different, seek unity in tone and material; If the material tone is consistent, seek changes in style matching

second, the bedroom is mainly used for leisure. It can't change too much like the living room, otherwise it will affect people's sleep and mood. Therefore, the bedroom mix and match style is mainly reflected in the details, see the differences in the subtle, and seek the finishing touch. Since the bed is a big object in the bedroom, after determining the style of the bed, the small wardrobe and footstool can be matched with different materials and styles, and the bedding, small carpets and lamps can be more thoughtful, with different colors and shapes, so as to change your mood according to seasonal changes

third, the space of the bathroom is not large, and there are not many main objects. When mixing and matching, different materials are mainly used. If the bathroom adopts rural style, the wooden pedals, antique tiles, Ming style shelving, and dressing mirrors can be matched harmoniously, and the rattan clothes baskets and marble countertops will not be too abrupt. The most common elements are Chinese basins, blue and white colored paintings, and they are easy to coordinate with modern and classical styles

IV. The study presents a quiet atmosphere as a whole, so it is recommended that you do not use objects with particularly large color differences when mixing and decorating, otherwise it is easy to distract people's attention. When choosing some small decorations, try not to choose metal products to mix and match. Bookshelves, desks, chairs and lamps in the study can all be considered for mixed decoration





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