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Feng Shui pays attention to aura, and there is also aura in the place where people live, so when choosing the living environment, we must consider whether there is bad feng shui in the surrounding environment. The feng shui design of villa decoration mainly lies in the Feng Shui line of the villa gate and the Feng Shui layout of the living room. If the arrangement is not appropriate, the family will have repeated fortunes, and the good scenery will not last long. At this time, you need to adjust the feng shui of the villa

1. Taboo in villa style living room

don't have beams above sofas and beds, otherwise it is easy to make users sick. Suggestion: if there is a beam, you can wrap the beam with decoration and try not to leak it out. The mascots placed in the home should be based on the five elements of the life of the residents. Those who avoid water should not place fish tanks, Feng Shui wheels and the like, and the plants placed should not be plants with slender leaves. The owner is easy to cause verbal disputes. Ferns and vines should not be heavy. Such plants are lush and easy to provoke unclean things

4. Taboos on the surrounding environment of villas

the taboos on Feng Shui in villa decoration are not only indoor, but also outdoor. The decoration of the villa architectural appearance is exquisite. The architectural appearance should be in a normal and square shape. There are no other special requirements. Do not arbitrarily change the appearance of the house. The appearance of the building does not need some messy decoration, otherwise it is very unsightly from a distance

5. Taboos in villa style bedroom

there are three pages in total. Page 1 123 next page don't install a big mirror in the bedroom, which is easy to make people upset because of the reflection of the mirror. If you install a mirror, you can install a mirror on only one wall, or you can cover it with a curtain

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everyone hopes that they can make a lot of money and get the blessing of the God of wealth. Of course, it's impossible not to do it without thinking about it. We need to work hard in society and strive to realize the dream of a better life. But don't ignore the geomantic omen at home. If your geomantic omen is bad, the God of wealth won't patronize it! Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you what kind of residential Feng Shui is the most profitable

first, the house type is auspicious

the house type is also the most important thing about the house. The founder's Feng Shui pattern will affect the overall fortune of the house. Fang Fangzheng is conducive to accepting gas. The most taboo in Feng Shui is the sickle shaped, pistol shaped or T-shaped residence, which is the most unfavorable house type in Feng Shui. Of course, the more the house type lives, the richer the house type is, of course, the founder's pattern

second, the orientation of the house is combined with the owner

if the orientation of the house is combined with the fate of the owner, it is to lay a good foundation for the geomantic omen of the house, which is conducive to the peace of the house and the prosperity of wealth, such as “ Yang Minghuo Xiangren ” The preferred orientation is the southwest, so the southwest orientation can be used as the orientation of the house, which will be very beneficial to the aura

III. the surrounding environment of the house is auspicious

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the surrounding environment is of paramount importance. The surrounding area should be far away from unfavorable buildings such as hospitals and temples. From the perspective of Feng Shui, buildings with heavy Yin will inevitably affect their own houses, resulting in lack of Yang, imbalance of yin and Yang, and the saying that it will hurt the body and lose money

IV. the internal pattern of the house is reasonable

the internal pattern refers to that there should not be a toilet in the center of the house. The toilet should be placed in a sinister position, while the kitchen is sitting in a sinister position to good luck, and the bedroom and living room are placed in a auspicious position or a wealth position. Such a reasonable layout of geomantic omen will lead to a prosperous business and a prosperous home. If you live for a long time, you will live in a more prosperous geomantic omen

when buying a house, modern people should not only consider factors such as price, transportation and their preferences, but also the feng shui of the house, which is also a factor considered by more and more people, because it is not only related to the health of the family, but also affects their future fortunes. So what are the residential Feng Shui taboos? Let's follow Xu mozhai to see what are the residential Feng Shui taboos

1. Residential Feng Shui taboo see the kitchen at the door

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