20 best tips for saving money in spring decoration

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Spring comes slowly to us with the breeze. One year's plan lies in spring. Have you begun to prepare to decorate your small home

a few years ago, I finally got the key to the fund-raising room of my unit. But at that time, there was only more than 20000 yuan left. How easy is it to decorate a house of more than 100 square meters with more than 20000 yuan? We have to budget carefully from all aspects

it is an open secret that the contractor takes the owner to buy materials and takes kickbacks from the merchants. In order to save money on home decoration without degrading quality, my wife and I decided to play the "double reed" and buy materials. On the day of buying materials, I dressed up as a foreman with a typical decoration bag and led my wife to a material store in the building materials market. I handed the material list to the owner and introduced myself as a contractor. I'm dealing with your store for the first time. Please take care of it and ask for authentic materials. The shopkeeper was very clever and hurriedly said, "everything should be done according to convention." When my wife was haggling with the shopkeeper, I deliberately said to my wife, "this eldest sister, the authentic material is such a price, I just need to check the quality of the material."

we bought more than 19000 yuan of materials that time. After my wife paid the money, the shopkeeper quietly took me aside, gave me a 3000 yuan rebate, and begged me to bring more customers in the future. In this way, my wife bought authentic materials at a slightly higher price, and I got a rebate from the material owner as usual. The two offset, and we bought authentic goods at a low price




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