There is no excuse for implementation. Wang Liwei

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President Wang stressed that we should dare to light the sword and implement without any excuse, which is the core issue today. I hope you can absorb it and really implement it in your work

"those who want their superiors to coax you to do things, please go back to your mother and face the world when you grow up!" On the evening of January 3, Wang Shunda, vice president of Wangli group, quoted a vivid classic quote from Dong Mingzhu at the training course "efficient execution" held in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor. Industry directors from Wang Li, Huajue group, Nengcheng factory and heads of central departments attended the lecture

president Wang pointed out that to have efficient execution, we must have good momentum, and publicity is the beginning of momentum. As long as publicity is in place (publicity must be done from an altruistic perspective), it will be easier to implement anything, but there must be a certain mechanism. Through the examples of "Long March" and "bright sword", it is explained that to set an example, you should take the lead in implementing. You must rush ahead in the implementation of any matter in order to do a good job

president Wang said that if you want to have efficient execution, you must have a clear goal. If the goal is clear, we must achieve it at all costs. Even if the achievement of the goal will cause losses to ourselves, we must also do it; Even if you think there is something wrong with the arrangement of leadership matters, you must implement it. At any time, we can't give up to achieve our goals because we are wronged. We still have to overcome all difficulties to achieve our goals. If a team wants to have efficient execution, it must have morale, that is, a soul

president Wang stressed that we should dare to show our sword and there is no excuse for implementation, which is the core issue today. I hope you can absorb it and really implement it in your work





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