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Editor's note: the decision of the State Council on revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry will greatly accelerate the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, especially the 16 major science and technology projects supported by the state, such as large-scale power generation, power transmission and transformation equipment, large-scale petrochemical and coal chemical plants, mining equipment, complete sets of steel rolling equipment, large-scale ocean ships For high-speed trains, civil aviation aircraft and engines, it is necessary to improve a large number of heavy, precision, multi coordinate, efficient and special CNC machine tools for processing and manufacturing. The development demand of national major equipment points out the direction for the development of CNC machine tool industry

due to the extremely high technical content and process requirements and high industrial barriers in the machine tool industry, the industrial pattern changes slowly both domestically and globally. The demand for CNC machine tools comes from the fixed asset investment in the downstream machinery industry. Since 2004, the production capacity of automobile and parts, engineering machinery, power equipment, aerospace equipment and mold industries has expanded rapidly, driving the rapid growth of machine tool consumption. Driven by the national revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry and the international industrial transfer, the growth rate of China's investment in equipment and tools purchase will maintain about 20% in the next 5 to 10 years, and the demand of the machine tool industry will still maintain a high-speed growth

power equipment industry

the demand of power equipment manufacturing industry for CNC machine tools is specifically reflected in the steam turbine cylinder, steam turbine rotor and blade, generator stator and rotor of thermal power and nuclear power; Nuclear electric heat exchanger and orifice plate; The stator and rotor of hydro generator base need to be processed by heavy machine tools. With the development of power generation equipment and the increase of installed capacity in the power generation industry, it will drive the demand for heavy-duty and ultra heavy machine tools such as heavy-duty CNC gantry boring and milling machines, heavy-duty CNC Floor milling and boring machines, heavy-duty CNC vertical lathes, heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathes, special milling machines for blade root grooves, and blade CNC processing equipment. In addition, the mass manufacturing of high-voltage power transmission and transformation, electrical instruments and control cabinets provides supply opportunities for small and medium-sized CNC heavy machining center products

1. Over the past five years, the output value of China's power equipment sub industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 20%, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30% in 2007.

. The development of thermal power has slowed down, while clean energy such as hydropower and wind power has developed rapidly

in 2007, China's motor manufacturing enterprises achieved a total industrial output value of 235.942 billion yuan, an increase of 31.61% over the same period; Transmission and distribution and control equipment enterprises have achieved a total industrial output value of 530.710 billion yuan; An increase of 31.61% over the same period; Electrical equipment enterprises have achieved a total industrial output value of 617.486 billion yuan; It increased by 33.58% over the same period

2. The power equipment industry as a whole has maintained an average annual growth rate of about 20%~30%

the global energy crisis and the environment of sustainable development have made renewable electric energy the focus of China's energy development. In response to the power equipment industry policy, the development speed of relevant sub industries has been adjusted accordingly. For example, the growth rate of the power generation equipment manufacturing industry has slowed down, and the demand of the transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry is strong, This will drive relevant enterprises to increase or reduce their investment in manufacturing equipment. At present, the power station equipment companies are stepping up technical transformation and adding large and heavy equipment and special milling machines, such as heavy CNC gantry milling machines, large CNC floor type boring and milling machines with boring bar diameter of more than 250mm, CNC heavy vertical lathes with processing diameter of 16m, and CNC heavy horizontal lathes with processing length of 14 ~ 18m with local diameter of 4 ~ 5M and CNC special milling machines for blade root grooves

3. Nuclear power

according to the development policy of "optimizing the development of thermal power, orderly developing hydropower, actively developing nuclear power, accelerating the development of gas power, and developing wind power through the test of the sealing performance of the test pieces after the drop and withstand voltage tests" in China's power industry during the 11th Five Year Plan period, it is planned that the installed capacity of nuclear power in operation will exceed 12million kW by 2010, By 2020, the installed capacity in operation will be 40million kW; In 2015, the installed capacity of wind power will be 15million kW, and in 2020, the installed capacity will reach 40~60million kW

China's nuclear power industry started late, and the manufacturing capacity of nuclear power equipment is limited. So far, China has built 4 nuclear power plants, a total of 11 nuclear power units, with a total installed capacity of 8.7 million KW, accounting for a small proportion in the national electric energy. At present, China is in a period of rapid growth of power demand. High efficiency and clean nuclear power is listed as the key development object, and China's nuclear power development strategy is put forward. In terms of long-term economic development and energy demand, China will become the world's largest nuclear power market

China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry is mainly concentrated in East China, Southwest China and Northeast China, forming a trend of "three countries competing for supremacy". These three regions are not only the manufacturing bases of nuclear power equipment in China, but also the manufacturing bases of thermal power and hydropower equipment. Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has invested heavily in building a nuclear power equipment manufacturing base near the sea, which has begun to take shape and will reach the capacity of producing complete sets of main components in the nuclear island of nuclear power plants. Northeast China, with Harbin electric power as the core, supplemented by the advantages of "one heavy" large castings and forgings, has formed the production capacity of nuclear power equipment. Dongfang Group in Southwest China also has certain ability to produce nuclear power equipment

according to China's nuclear power development goals set in the medium and long term development plan for nuclear power, by 2010, the installed capacity of nuclear power in operation will be 12million kW; By 2020, 31 new nuclear power plants will be built, with an installed capacity of 40million kW in operation and 18million kW in construction. In the future, China will start to build at least two million KW nuclear power units every year, with a total investment of hundreds of billions of yuan. According to the empirical data, the investment in nuclear power equipment accounts for about 55% of the total investment in nuclear power plants, and about 40% of the equipment investment is used to purchase various machine tool equipment

4. Wind power

since China passed the renewable energy law in 2005, domestic wind power has developed rapidly. In 2005, the installed capacity of wind power in China was 1.27 million KW. In 2006, it increased by 1million kW. The development speed is very fast. By 2008, the installed capacity of wind power in China will rank second in the world

at present, the manufacturing of wind power equipment in China has gradually changed from providing complete sets of equipment from abroad or assembling imported technologies and components in China to independent research and development. With the rapid development of domestic wind power equipment industry and the increasing number of manufacturers, considerable manufacturing capacity has been formed, and many places are expanding and building new wind power equipment manufacturing capacity

domestic wind power equipment manufacturers mainly include: Goldwind technology, Weide wind power, Dalian heavy industry, Sichuan Dongqi, etc. The production of gearbox (speed-up gearbox) is mainly Nangao gear. However, the manufacturing and production of wind power equipment in China is in the primary stage, and the complete set capacity is seriously insufficient to meet the domestic needs for the rapid development of wind power equipment. The market share of domestic wind turbine equipment is very low, and most of them rely on imports

the renewable energy law takes wind power as the focus of encouraging development, so many provinces in China are vigorously increasing investment in wind power. By 2015, the installed capacity of wind power will reach 15million kW. By 2020, the installed capacity is planned to reach 40~60million kW. Many provinces and autonomous regions have made plans for large-scale development of wind power generation

nuclear power and wind power are emerging industries that need new materials, new processes, new technologies and new equipment. The machine tool industry should pay attention to the needs of nuclear power and wind power as key service objects. The machine tools required for manufacturing nuclear power and wind power equipment are characterized by large specification, large tonnage, high rigidity and high reliability

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