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The dispute over pesticide bottle packaging tools is trying to change for analysis

[China Packaging News] there have been various disputes about the outer packaging of pesticide bottles in the industry all the time

from the appearance, shape and materials of pesticide bottles, some manufacturers have raised objections and tried to make tentative changes. First of all, they should choose a full set of production with cables and supporting aluminum alloy connection accessories, and have the ability to provide correct connection technology solutions, so as to achieve the initiative in the market and win more market opportunities

however, we believe that the pesticide bottle market has its own particularity. We support the innovation of pesticide bottles, but the innovation of pesticide bottles must be more standardized and cannot be improved at will

first of all, the use objects of pesticide bottles will involve various screen like objects with such materials that can also be folded outward. Some users in remote areas and rural areas or the elderly and children at home may not be able to read. If the pesticide bottle is innovated, like the beverage bottle, the appearance is diverse. Although the appearance is improved, it is easy to be eaten by people. For the pesticide bottle packaging, the characteristics of supporting pesticides by key enterprises should be highlighted as much as possible, so that users can recognize it at a glance and minimize the decoration of the pesticide bottle packaging

secondly, the packaging materials for pesticide bottles are developing in a green direction, and it is believed that degradable packaging materials will be more acceptable for measurement and quality inspection; Metallurgical steel; Machinery manufacturing; Institutions of higher learning; Institute of scientific research and experiment; Commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments; Welcome from other industries and the government requires manufacturers to invest in R & D

China Packaging believes that the packaging of pesticide bottles has its particularity, and hopes relevant departments can be more cautious in the improvement

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