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Perspective: oaks enters "overheated economy"

inventory is in urgent need

air conditioning inventory is in urgent need

the inventory of color TV sets is in urgent need...

various messages that seem to be transmitted through the media recently indicate that the production capacity of many industries in China is seriously surplus, and even many industry experts and related enterprises have come out to cry out for Industry self-help. However, in sharp contrast to this state of "worrying about the country and giving priority to the people", it is the "large-scale march" of some manufacturers

Maozhan refining and chemical base will process 35million tons of crude oil per year and 2million tons of ethylene per year.

Motorola recently announced its entry into color TV production

Galanz enclosure to expand its air conditioning business

Chongqing Mobang wading air conditioner production...

on the one hand, it is overproduction, on the other hand, it is increasing investment. Is there a judgment that the investment analysis system of these large companies is inferior to that of ordinary people? It is different from the investment direction of previous years. When the industry that made money was just emerging, enterprises blindly swarmed in. In recent years, I have heard that enterprises have entered the so-called "overheated field". Is the cheese in the overheated field richer than that in other fields

Ningbo aux group, which I have paid close attention to in recent years, has also become a positive responder to entering the overheated economy. First, when the industry is crying out for overcapacity, it has entered the air conditioning industry on a large scale; Thirdly, when the industry already has huge inventory, build multiple production lines; Recently, the first oaks "Langer" business multi-function car was successfully offline, becoming another person in private enterprises. What is driving the expansion of oaks? What makes oaks not actively enter new fields but "entangle" in the "overheated economy"? What is the difference between "overheated economy" and "surplus economy"

I think that in recent years, there are several major backgrounds for this "return of investment":

enterprise positioning is changing

due to the update of technology, it is difficult to accurately distinguish the exclusive role of an enterprise. For example, the current manufacturer, you say, is a communication enterprise, but its digital camera function is dividing the film market; Even some have been segmenting part of the PC market. So now some enterprises will position themselves in a large range. For example, oaks positions the enterprise in the manufacturing industry in China, so he believes that the entry of enterprises into the field and the automotive field are the driving force given by the overall positioning of the enterprise

enterprises' understanding of profits tends to be rational

if it does not meet the requirements, it should be corrected again.

mature enterprises will not blindly intervene in high profit areas. They will only intervene in areas they think are controllable. At the same time, the business adjustment is not focused on the ultra-high profits of the newly entered fields, but on the comparability of the profit margin between the newly entered fields and the traditional fields of the enterprise and the growth of the scale market. As for oaks, an enterprise that has been developing at a high speed with small profits for a long time, it is natural to worry about the current high profits of the industry and the automotive industry, because the inflated profits will eventually make the competitiveness of the entire industry vulnerable. At the same time, the rational pursuit of profits also makes them feel the huge business opportunities contained in the period

many Chinese enterprises, especially a large number of state-owned enterprises, have not yet fully transformed from the planned system. Market economy has its own law of development. The pursuit of profit by enterprises has changed from the simple cost plus profit model to the understanding of system cost and profit. Generally speaking, the formation of "overheated economy" is positive, and it is a good environment to improve and test the competitiveness of an enterprise. I think the "overheated economy" is showing the following trends:

1. The "overheated economy" is a growth period of expanding demand

due to the involvement of more enterprises, the market cultivation has been further strengthened, and due to the fierce competition, the market has been further subdivided, so the market expansion speed is very fast. It can be seen from the vigorous development of the whole household appliances and it field in recent years. So at this time, for enterprises, dozens of well-known enterprises gather in the hall & nbsp; To discuss the development trend of new automobile materials, it is far more advantageous to participate in the war than to watch the war on the other shore; As a result, oaks entered the period of rapid development with the automotive industry, which is actually a clever way to avoid the cultivation period of the market. At this time, the key is whether its own enterprise can do better than its competitors, so as to obtain a comparative advantage

2 "overheated economy" is a high incidence period of decision-making errors

there is an old Chinese saying: in troubled times, a hero is created. It is very important to keep a sober judgment on the overheating of the industry economy. Therefore, at this time, for enterprises, those who make fewer mistakes will have more comparative advantages than their competitors. Recently, looking at the frequent crises of enterprises in the industry, we can see that in the "overheated economy", the "old hands" may not have many more opportunities than the "new hands"

3 the adjustment period when profits tend to be flat in "overheated economy"

a result of competition is that the profits of the whole industry will be adjusted to the average profits. Therefore, it is a very dangerous strategy to maintain a long-term high gross profit in an industry. Therefore, the whole period is a test of the cost control ability of the enterprise system, so at this time, for the enterprise, who can control the cost will have more development opportunities. The fundamental reason why oaks can achieve rapid growth in the air conditioning industry for five consecutive years is that it can provide us with a safer, energy-saving and environment-friendly travel possibility for cost control and management. There is bound to be a profit leveling adjustment period in the automotive sector. For oaks, entering these two sectors at this time may be an absolute confidence in its cost control

4 "overheated economy" is the test period of core competence

in fact, globally, there is no sunset industry in an absolute sense. Only sunset enterprises have been widely recognized that there is no sunset industry. Therefore, the "overheated economy" is obvious in some industries, but it will inevitably involve every industry in terms of trend. So at this time, for enterprises, who can have strong core competitiveness will take the lead in the competition

therefore, the process of understanding the phenomenon of "overheated economy" is the process of better understanding the essence of market economy. Understanding the overheated economy is the best embodiment of enterprises not avoiding competition, but daring to face and meet competition

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