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Personalized photo book market has become one of the fastest growing market directions in the digital printing market. In the face of people's increasingly high pursuit of quality of life and the development of e-commerce, tourism commemorations, personalized photos, baby shows and so on have created the continuous development of personalized photo market. Many Graphic Express Printing stores also want to use web printing solutions to seek their own enterprise transformation solutions, This is undoubtedly a very correct route

the personalized photo book market is undoubtedly one of the directions of the market with the fastest growth rate in the digital printing market. There are many official and unofficial data here to support the author's judgment. The year-end financial reports of Listed Companies in the industry alone can reveal the clues, such as cewe color in Germany or shutterfly in the United States. And photo book has gradually become a hot word. The definition of photo book given by Baidu Encyclopedia is a personalized image product. It can sort and typeset the scattered digital photos in your computer according to certain rules and requirements, and then print them with a professional digital image printer. According to your different needs, the book is bound and bound into a volume, which is easy to read and collect. You can check the online search status of photo book keywords on Baidu Index

photo book market analysis

the digital photo market is a great opportunity, especially for digital printing providers, it is a once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity

1. Taking the European market as an example, InfoTrends predicted the photo book market in 2008, which basically coincided with the financial statements of major companies

2. Statistics show that most people do not know or know that there are photo books, that is, the awareness of the market needs to be further improved, and only 10% of the people know photo books

3. The survey on the purpose of purchasing photo books accounts for an absolute proportion as personalized gifts and souvenirs

4. The repurchase rate is as high as 70%. It can be seen that once the business is launched, the photo book business has considerable vitality and stability

to ensure that the advantages and values of aluminum alloy cables can be brought into full play, we can see the potential, business type and life cycle of the photo book market from the above four data statistics. Then who will be the main businesses that can enter this market? At present, it seems that it mainly comes from professional or small printing shops, digital printing shops that are developing image business, small picture retailers and text printing centers

selection of market development strategies

at present, there are three market development strategies formed in the market. The first is the capacity oriented strategy. This direction focuses on asset operation, invests heavily in building software and hardware platforms, specialized online order generation systems, purchases large-scale digital printers and professional and exquisite post press processing equipment, and produces unparalleled products to attract wholesalers in various fields online and offline, A large-scale operation has been formed. Cewecolor of Germany is the representative of this direction. The second is a brand oriented strategy, which focuses on investing in the open network design system of the public, and continuously improving it to adapt to the Internet trend, making full use of the existing advantages such as brand effect, photo library and cross media sharing, to carry out full network promotion and operation, and to seek processing partners to complete products after receiving orders. This direction represents a fast printer. The third is the channel oriented strategy. The channels come from online and offline. Online investment is made in the networking system based on channel alliance to fully mobilize the participation enthusiasm of small businesses to obtain orders. At the same time, it also seeks order partners and production partners, and integrates them into the Internet system to reorganize and channel. This direction is represented by Photobox

the author thinks that the digital printing providers in the early stage can easily operate by adopting the third simplified strategy, because they only need to invest in digital printing equipment and supporting and networking order receiving system, and do not need to spend a lot of money and time on online brand promotion. Most Chinese cities are acquaintances, that is, many business partners are related customers who can be established with a few strokes, Making full use of the business cooperation relationship, coupled with the order receiving system, we can quickly develop the market and obtain orders. This is to use the networking system to do offline business and find businesses that can cooperate in the local region. We should not only increase the profit points of cooperative businesses, but also make full use of the display and brand effect of businesses to rapidly develop the market

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