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From wall cloth to seamless wall cloth, and then develop multi-functional wall cloth. "Beautiful and rich" has been well aware of the importance of brand operation for the lasting vitality of the enterprise since its birth. The company relies on the industry experience accumulated in the field of soft decorative tablecloth and other products in the past, and through long-term data survey results, it has made preparations for the world to conduct itself in the wall cloth industry. General manager Zhang, sales director of Shaoxing aipai Textile Co., Ltd., sighed: "brand is an enduring topic in the wall fabric industry. Especially when the development encounters some bottlenecks, enterprises will be more enthusiastic about brand." There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the wall covering industry, and the development of the industry is in a "hot and cold uneven" state. How to use the brand sharp weapon to go upstream and play a good marketing card requires hard work

new products may not meet consumer demand

in previous years, consumers mainly meet basic functional needs, but with the rise of the post-80s and 90s, they will become the main consumer group in the next stage. According to the survey, the post-80s and 90s generation pay more attention to brand awareness and corporate culture, and their products are more symbolic. Whether they choose niche or mass brands, and whether their home decoration style is simple European or American pastoral, these are all personal external considerations, reflecting their personal interests, temperament and pursuit

now there are all kinds of wall fabric products in the market. At this time, it is no longer blindly developing new products and launching new products to meet consumer demand. What enterprises need to do should be the organic integration of products. This may be understood as that there are too few new products with strong style and can stimulate consumption, and most of the so-called new products are imitations. The urgent task is to create a good product, expand it into a set of good products, and enhance the added value of the product through various marketing channels such as dealers, Direct stores, media, stores, etc

increase the added value of products and seize potential consumers

with the increasingly sound wall fabric market and the gradual maturity of consumption concepts, the territory of the domestic wall fabric industry has entered the stage of division and convergence. It is particularly urgent for wall fabric enterprises to increase the added value of products, seize potential consumers and carry out brand marketing

branded consumption has formed a trend today and will become a mainstream in the future wall fabric market. Therefore, if wall fabric enterprises want to stand out in the wall fabric industry, they must adhere to the brand road unswervingly, always take brand construction as the core of their work, use brands to increase market competitiveness, and use brand added value to enhance the profit space of products. Today, the wall fabric market is more and more unpredictable. If enterprises want to occupy their own space in the market, they can only do a good job in product and brand marketing from their own actual situation

aipai's "beautiful and rich" seamless wallcovering, as a rising upstart, has strong confidence, enjoys advanced production technology and technology, and a professional product design, processing and service team. It is believed that through the continuous efforts of colleagues, in line with the basic point of market demand, it will create a beautiful brand deification, and meet the support of customers and consumers, Aipai textile perfectly integrates modern technology and traditional manufacturing technology of wall cloth, creating a green, environmental friendly and low-carbon era of wall decoration materials


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