The new children's wall paintings are strongly lau

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At the year-end feast, Lingxiu embroidery wall cloth linked thousands of stores, and strongly launched new children's wall paintings

the stars of last night are hanging on the treetops

the breeze gently kisses the eyes

those innocent children

chase the dew in the morning

run towards the rising sun

the laughter of joy falls on every leaf

one day

your wings will hang the ideal

fly from here

to explore the depth of the blue sky

to measure the magnificent ocean

to find the ancient mystery

to leap Steep hills

and before that,

with a gentle whisper in your ear

sleep quietly

in your sweet dream

there is also a pure watch

global travel

the Aegean coast is winding

the Danube River is painted with countryside

the lights stay in the street for years

global travel is smiling

space adventure

the vast Milky way wind spring

the ship is full of clear dreams, pressing the Star River

the sun and moon are shining in the sky

the cool ship at night Shadow driving sparse stars

romantic Bay

fantasy streamer reflecting pink fragrance

romantic shuttle in the long street

childish and innocent

clapping and humming innocent songs

collar embroidery inherits the needlework, color transition and expression of Suzhou embroidery, the first of the four famous embroidery, with flexible and lively techniques, rich patterns and a wide range of themes; Taking the manual Suzhou embroidery as the original for plate making, and producing it in an industrialized way, the products are exquisite

(source: collar embroidery wall cloth)




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