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The elites of the 20th century show their true noble nature, enjoy the luxury envied by a few people with simple romance and free elegance

the elites of the 20th century

show their true noble nature

enjoy the luxury envied by a few people with simple romance and free elegance

Product highlights:

the perfect integration of modern and classical, The whole house work of modern light luxury style - Urban upstarts, whose seemingly simple appearance reflects a hidden aristocratic temperament. It adopts a minimalist design approach, emphasizes both fashion and practicality, and integrates unexpected functions and technological elements into it. It is low-key and luxurious, finding comfort and tranquility behind the noisy and bustling city


an elegant attitude, which pursues a low-key but does not damage nobility and elegance. Modern light luxury style cabinet [Urban upstart] is not to walk in the front, not to show off and praise, but to be extremely persistent in details in a way that respects the quality of life. The open cabinet conforms to the modern style mode, and the aluminum frame glass door with the lamp in the cabinet shows the fashion without reservation. The lifting table of the cabinet can be used as both a dining table and a bar, which looks very stylish after matching with the wooden stool


emphasizes the pursuit of quality, detail and sense of design. The modern light luxury style lobby [Urban upstart] combines a variety of profiles, reasonably plans functional zoning with rich vision, and integrates wardrobe, laminate cabinet, hanging cabinet, drawer and tatami, providing convenience for entering and leaving the house

living room:

as a symbol of the owner's taste and style, the modern light luxury style living room [Urban upstart] outlines the low-key luxury of modern sense with the space concept of the new era. The simple straight-line bar combination embedded handle hides the TV cabinet in the background wall, while only a group of laminate cabinets with aluminum frame glass doors convey a fashionable and lively atmosphere under the changes of lights in the cabinet. With the configuration of a variety of intelligent equipment, although the layout of the whole living room is simple, it is completely elegant


the ingenious design of reducing complexity and simplicity, and the modern light luxury style restaurant [Urban upstart] deduces a simple but not simple unique style. The wall type wine cabinet adopts the combination of aluminum frame glass door and interior lamp in a large area, which is flexible, lively and charming and fashionable. The seemingly simple lines and geometry, after the exquisite and complex process, all reflect the sense of high-end quality

master bedroom:

abandon the luxury in the traditional sense, but give full play to the fashion avant-garde and elegant temperament in the process of simplification. The modern light luxury style master bedroom [Urban upstart] maximizes the overall space. The wardrobe and TV cabinet are combined into one. After matching with plain color door panels and invisible handles, the cabinet with a great sense of design is hidden in a low-key elegance. The transparent existence of the bathroom makes the master bedroom sexy and charming


represents a new modern lifestyle. The modern light luxury style cloakroom [Urban upstart] divides storage, storage and display appropriately. The layout of wardrobe, pantry cabinet, laminate cabinet, drawer, etc. is staggered. When the Department cabinet is equipped with glass door panels, the whole space is filled with noble tonality, and decorated with membrane pressing, double facing and other plate door panels, the breath of low luxury spreads everywhere

second bedroom:

modern light luxury style second bedroom [Urban upstart] on the premise of ensuring the integrity, fluency and hierarchy of the space environment, avoid complicated and useless details, and create a simple artistic atmosphere with a coordinated, natural and unified visual aesthetics. The wardrobe adopts membrane pressed door panels and double decorative door panels with invisible handles, not deliberately pursuing luxury, but paying attention to the practicality of products. Simplicity to the extreme, people can't help but forget all affectation, and really add a sense of modernity and modernity to the interior


modern light luxury style study [Urban aristocracy] feels clean and tidy, which is very suitable for meditation and reading in a relaxed state. At the same time, the ultra wide tatami also meets the rest needs after work. The colorful craft laminates are used to place the handicrafts, bibliographies and memorials that the owner likes, making the whole space feel soft and warm, revealing the natural and pure nature of life

bathroom cabinet:

modern light luxury style bathroom cabinet [Urban upstart] is simple and fashionable, the ultra wide mirror with dream mirror lamp is romantic and charming, and the lines of the washing table are simple and smooth. Under the performance of plain color door panels, it refuses flashiness and fancy, and sets a warm and noble style for the space




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