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In the decoration of children's room, parents and friends pay attention to the problem of formaldehyde and the safety of electricity, but in fact, the use of lighting also needs attention. The use of inappropriate lights can cause light pollution or hurt children's eyes. So what kind of lights should be used in the decoration of children's room? Today, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network will introduce to you how to choose lamps in children's room

it is best to choose brand lamps and lanterns

it is best to choose brand products to buy children's lamps and lanterns. Large brand lamps and lanterns purchased through formal channels are more guaranteed in light sources. The light of lamps and lanterns or frequent flickering will affect children's vision. It is best to choose bright lamps and lanterns with high color rendering, so that the light will be softer

lamps can be full of childlike fun

children's imagination is infinite, and they will be more curious about new things. Choosing a lamp with changeable shapes and childlike fun can explore children's imagination, make children more willing to think and think more actively

choose adjustable lamps

children are in the period of growth and development, and indoor light is combined with natural light and artificial light. When choosing lamps, it is best to choose the light with the brightness adjusted by the postgraduate entrance examination, so that the brightness of the light can be adjusted according to the indoor brightness, and it can be matched with lighting, which is beneficial to the eyes

closed lamps with lampshades should be selected

when the lamps are used, the bulbs will heat up, and children are lively and lack self-protection awareness. In order to avoid scalding children's skin, it is best to choose closed lamps with lampshades in low places. If protective covers can be added to the bulbs, it is also necessary to note that the power consumption such as sockets should be away from the height that children can touch

safety, eye protection and environmental protection are the basic principles for choosing children's lamps. There are no fixed requirements for children's lamps. Starting from children themselves, pay attention to the above points, and choose lamps that are beneficial to children is the best





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