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“ Shuangcheng ” Company profile in 2001, the Hong Kong head office introduced Italian technology to set up a factory in the mainland with an investment of 5million, and established Shijiazhuang Shuangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. in April 2006. Shijiazhuang Shuangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shuangcheng Development Co., Ltd Specializing in the R & D and production of chemical products. Shijiazhuang Shuangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in “ Shuangcheng ” Development and sales of liquid wallpaper paint. Enterprises use the promotion of electronic and newspaper media, adopt unified management, unified price and unified service, and strive to build our company “ Shuangcheng ” Wall art paint. Since its establishment, with the help of all sectors of society and the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the performance of the company has achieved rapid development. The products of the company have been sought by the majority of consumers, and the product network has spread all over the country, with more than 500 agents. The company has product R & D center, production base, marketing and promotion center, information service center, logistics distribution center and other main functional departments

our philosophy: take product quality as the driving force, rely on industry standards, take customer needs as the guidance, take interactive consultation as the process, and take professional technology as the means

“ Shuangcheng ” Liquid wallpaper sincerely invites agents and franchisees at the provincial, municipal, county and level in China

“ Shuangcheng ” A good project of liquid wallpaper, Italian technology, is not wallpaper better than wallpaper, with diverse patterns, scrub resistance, large market, high profits, no agent franchise fees, and exclusive agents at the city and county levels

“ Shuangcheng ” Liquid wallpaper is a new type of wall decoration material, which not only has the decorative effect of wallpaper, but also has the characteristics of simple construction of paint; Through the special construction tool: wallpaper pattern mold, it scrapes the wallpaper paint onto the primed inner wall, which can create a variety of textures such as wallpaper colors and textures, smoothness and concavity on the wall. At the same time, due to the selective reflection of the coating on the spectrum, it can produce the special effect of shifting illusion: it shows the changes of colors and textures such as pearlescent, metal, silk, etc. with various patterns and shapes as the means of expression, it covers characters Plants, animals, cartoons, scenery, three-dimensional, relief, abstraction, art and other elements, regardless of the size, can be designed according to their own preferences, making the same visual effects as art

“ Shuangcheng ” Liquid wallpaper [applicable to any inner wall] is simple in construction and widely used for Cement-based surface, ceramic surface, wood surface, metal surface and glass surface. With the characteristics of low cost, Ultra Luxury and high-grade, it is an environmental protection art coating that can be applied to hotels, office buildings and thousands of households in multiple directions and levels

“ Shuangcheng ” [various patterns and shapes] with various patterns and shapes as the means of expression, it covers characters, plants, animals, cartoons, scenery, three-dimensional, relief, abstraction, art and other elements, which can be freely matched, and the expression methods are ever-changing, which meets the market demand to the greatest extent

“ Shuangcheng ” [product green and environmental protection] it is made of patented technology from Italy and the combination of marine biological natural shell shell, water-based polymer resin, additives, etc., without the release of any harmful ingredients, which is green and environmental protection. The products have passed the green building materials certification of the national authoritative department

“ Shuangcheng ” [impeccable quality] it has strong aging resistance, air permeability, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, scrubbing resistance, no peeling, no cracking, no fading, and its excellent quality ensures that it has been used for more than 20 years




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